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Stories are healing, life-affirming and a very powerful emotional management tool that today’s leader’s use to engage, inspire and connect with others.

For years I journaled to capture my life – one event after another –each season offered me a fresh perspective and self-awareness that allowed me to know myself better. 

My stories carried messages that helped me enhance the vision of my purpose and my brand and they offered me opportunities to connect with others on emotional levels – that in-turn helped us overcome far-ranging differences that lay between us.

Vulnerability became my brand because it taught me that emotions are the same for everyone regardless of where you are or where you live. It brought me into rooms that forced me to engage with strangers and helped me gain a deeper understanding of loved ones, other family members and even friends. 

Having a better and clearer understanding of the power of introspection gifts “one” a life that exudes empathy for others no matter what. 

Authoring a collection of “Story” Journals has given me the ability to influence and inspire others to challenge rejection and to change the narrative that it carries. 

Chapter after chapter each of these “Story” Journals offer you prompts that help you write your story and introspect. They are a repository of your emotions, your thoughts, and introspection of experiences that change you and grow you.

I want an opportunity to connect with you and help you re-create your experiences good or bad and share them in a powerful way that resonates with others no matter what their needs and experiences are. How I am using my life with rejection to bridge generations as I speak my truth even when it’s most uncomfortable.


Don’t be afraid or feel ashamed to share your story with the world.

Stories “Change” lives

Stories “Affirm” lives

Stories “Change” the world


Join the Tribe and let’s change the narrative of silence and shame …One story at a time!

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