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A Practical H.O.P.E Story Journal Rejected Not

Stories are healing, life-affirming and a very powerful emotional management tool that today’s leader’s use to engage, inspire and connect with others.

A H.O.PE STORY JOURNALJust like that – from “Rejected” to “RejectedNot”…

For years the narrative of divorce held me hostage and tricked me into isolation. Convinced that no one cared…I took to journaling my thoughts and feelings on each designated page on a daily basis. That marked the beginning of a self-discovery journey that taught me how to create healthy boundaries that were necessary for me to live authentically and courageously.
Just like that – from “Rejected” to “RejectedNot”…


Journeying with rejection ended with retrospectives through numerous prompts found in the tear-dried wrinkled pages of my journals. Retrospectives - that lead me back to paths of memories I had forgotten, but that was necessary to make me more thoughtful by creating this “Practical Story Journal” for that “one” that is feeling rejected and isolated.

This journal is so much more than just my story. It is a reflection of my beautiful scars and also a courageous opportunity for you to record your own thoughts - as you choose your adventure with whatever life has dealt you.
Vulnerability is not a weakness! It is an amazing act that creates the kind of human connection that encourages humanity to empathize with others and to create communities that offer belonging - so that no one ever lives alone again.





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